Murder in the Forbidden City by Amanda Roberts

Peking, 1867

When one of the Empress’s ladies-in-waiting is killed in the Forbidden City, she orders Inspector Gong to find the killer. Unfortunately, as a man, he is forbidden from entering the Inner Court. How is he supposed to solve a murder when he cannot visit the scene of the crime or talk to the women in the victim’s life? He won’t be able to solve this crime alone.

The widowed Lady Li is devastated when she finds out about the murder of her sister-in-law, who was serving as the Empress’s lady-in-waiting. She is determined to discover who killed her, even if it means assisting the rude and obnoxious Inspector Gong and going undercover in the Forbidden City.

Together, will Lady Li and Inspector Gong be able to find the murderer before he – or she – strikes again?

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About the Author

Amanda Roberts is a writer and editor who has been living in China since 2010. Amanda has an MA in English from the University of Central Missouri. She has been published in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies around the world and she regularly contributes to numerous blogs. Amanda can be found all over the Internet, but her home is

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The Governor’s Daughter by Sambath Meas

Anjali Chinak, a strong-minded daughter of a Khmer detective, is shocked by the horrible attack on her Eurasian friend, Esmè Laurent, who happens to be the governor’s daughter of Siem Reap, Cambodge. When the man Anjali is secretly in love with is charged with the brutal crime, she has only days to find the real perpetrator before he is put to death. Could it be the same man who has wreaked havoc in other Southeast Asian countries? Anjali is certain that the killer is a member of the royal family, but investigating them could put her own life at risk. As Anjali finds herself getting closer to the truth, she learns that the world is uglier than she could have ever imagined.

About the Author

SAMBATH MEAS was born in Pailin, Cambodia at a time of civil war. Having survived the effects of the Vietnam War, the Khmer Civil War, and the Khmer Rouge regime, her parents decided not to stick around for another phase of mass killings.  Her family, like thousands of other Khmers, fled to the Cambodian-Thai border.  After being displaced in refugee camps for two years, Chicago became their new home. Meas graduated from Loyola University of Chicago. She has worked in the legal industry for over 19 years and contributes to the richness that is Chicago literature. In her spare time, she helps novice writers to get started with their stories. Learn more at Find all books by Sambath Meas here.


Asesinato en Christmas River

Cinnamon Peters es una mujer dura de roer.
Cada año en la Competición Anual de Pan de Jengibre de Christmas River, la excepcional pastelera Cinnamon sale a ganar, llevándose por delante a cualquier otro competidor que se interponga en su camino. Pero solo unos días antes de la gran competición encuentra un cadáver en el bosque situado detrás de su tienda. Entonces Cinnamon se da cuenta de que hay mucho más en juego que un puñado de galletas, glaseado y gominolas.
Alguien está intentado hundir a Cinnamon, y no tienen recato en jugar sucio.
Solo Cinnamon y un misterioso extraño, que entra en su vida una noche de nieve, pueden resolver el misterio.
¿Pero podrán resolverlo antes de que las posibilidades de Cinnamon de alzarse con la victoria en la competición de Pan de Jengibre se hagan añicos?

Sobre la autora

Meg Muldoon es una apasionada de los misterios acogedores. Reportera de noticias de un pequeño pueblo en sus inicios, Meg siempre tuvo un lugar especial en su corazón para los perros perdidos, gatos abandonados, y los viejos lugareños enérgicos y luchadores. Le gusta el pudin de pan y bourbon, las botas de vaquera rojas, y las manualidades hechas con pistola encoladora.

Meg vive en el centro de Oregón con un pastor australiano llamado Huckleberry.