Paper was once a
Living thing. Do words written
On it also live?

For the geisha of the Hidden House, the pleasure house in the heart of Edo’s notorious Floating World, writing was an escape. A way to forget about the troubles and monotony of their everyday lives and dream, even if just for a moment, of another world. Their fear and joy, pain and pleasure, happiness and sorrow bleed from the ends of the ink brush and onto the pages herein.

The haikus in this collection are from the Secrets from the Hidden House novels by India Millar, which chronicle the lives of the exquisite geisha who lived in the Hidden House.

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 About the Author

INDIA MILLAR started her career in heavy industry at British Gas and ended it in the rarefied atmosphere of the British Library. She now lives on Spain’s glorious Costa Blanca North in an entirely male dominated household comprised of her husband, a dog, and a cat. In addition to historical romances, India also writes popular guides to living in Spain under a different name. Her Romance Noir series is highlighted on her website,  You can find all books by India Millar here.