In the shadow of a poignant Japanese proverb advocating self-reliance—Rely on your own walking stick rather than people—Mi’s life takes an unforeseen and harrowing turn. Overcoming the paralysis of the morning left her with a deformed leg, rendering the proverb a cruel reality. As if guided by an inexorable hand of fate, those she holds closest to her heart, one by one, betray her trust, leaving Mi to navigate a world of isolation and despair.

Caught in the suffocating grip of a loveless marriage to a foreign doctor who aided her in regaining her mobility, Mi’s existence mirrors that of a caged animal—trapped and yearning for freedom. The echoes of her past love and the dreams of a future once cherished are silenced by the heavy chains of her present reality.

In this riveting tale of betrayal, resilience, and intrigue, Mi’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit. Join her as she navigates a treacherous landscape, where the line between friend and foe blurs, and the path to freedom is fraught with danger. Discover how one woman’s unwavering determination and self-reliance can ultimately lead to her redemption and the unearthing of truths hidden in the darkest corners of society.


About the Author

With a literary journey spanning more than a dozen captivating novels set in historical Japan and a collection of evocative haikus, INDIA MILLAR has embarked on a diverse career. Her professional odyssey commenced amidst the machinery of British Gas’s heavy industry, eventually culminating within the hallowed halls of the British Library, where the tapestry of knowledge and storytelling merged seamlessly.

Now, India finds herself in the idyllic embrace of early retirement on the enchanting Costa Blanca. As she continues to explore the realms of history and poetry, India remains deeply grateful for the winding path that has led her to this peaceful and creative haven. Each word written, each page turned, is a testament to the enduring passion for storytelling that continues to shape her life’s narrative. Learn more at her website,  You can find all our books by India Millar here.

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