She possesses the chilling power of ice, yet her fate hangs in the balance of a hidden secret…

Laoni, a resilient Burner with the ability to control ice, has faced countless adversaries in her turbulent past, most notably the elusive Breathers—a relentless breed that can sense their prey no matter where they hide. But Laoni has endured something far more sinister: a harrowing encounter with a machine designed to strip Burners of their essence.

Miraculously, she survived, but at what cost? Her body bears the scars of that merciless ordeal, and with each passing moment, her life force wanes. The ice within her, once formidable, now dwindles.

Time is running out, and she must find a way to shield her loved ones from the impending threat of annihilation.

As Breathers grow bolder, a greater menace looms on the horizon—one that sets its sights on her own flesh and blood.

While her love for Redmond burns fervently, Laoni grapples with the cruel reality that her time is slipping away. Releasing him seems inevitable, a sacrifice for his safety amidst the perils that lie ahead. But Redmond refuses to surrender, steadfast in his determination to defy danger and keep her at his side.

Alternate Burn is an exhilarating sequel to Burn the Same, a captivating saga that pushes the boundaries of ice-bound powers and explores the unyielding ties of family. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey where love and loyalty clash with the relentless passage of time, as Laoni battles both external foes and the relentless ticking of her own mortality.

Prepare to be enthralled by the next chapter of Laoni’s story, where destiny intertwines with a haunting secret that could alter her world forever.


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About the Author

MARIANNA PALMER is a creative force who has been crafting captivating stories from the depths of her imagination since she first learned to dream. Encouraged by a dare from her sister, she bravely embarked on a journey into the world of writing, which became her sanctuary during years of solitude, personal challenges, and overcoming deep-rooted fears.