Born of ice, her destiny is enmeshed with fire.

In a world where danger and love collide, sixteen-year-old Laoni is a Burner with an icy destiny. Born of ice, she has been on the run from relentless Breathers since childhood, hunted for her rare abilities.

In a seemingly normal world, Laoni’s existence is shrouded in fear and pain. Breathers, driven by evil intentions, seek to capture and imprison Burners, condemning them to a life of suffering and death. But Laoni holds onto a glimmer of hope—a promise of a mythical island where Burners live free and unchained.

As she embarks on a perilous journey to find this fabled sanctuary, Laoni encounters Redmond, a captivating young man with the power to control fire. Together, they navigate a treacherous path where their shared abilities draw them closer, blurring the line between love and the allure of their powers.

Haunted by a history of betrayal, including the rejection by her own parents, Laoni must confront her painful past and question her capacity to trust and love again. In a world where enemies masquerade as allies, she and Redmond must fight for their freedom, facing both hidden allies and monstrous foes.

Immerse yourself in a world where the elements dance, hearts thaw, and destiny ignites. In the epic clash of fire and ice, one thing is certain—they will burn the same.

Burn the Same is a thrilling urban fantasy that will leave you breathless. With its quick pace and enthralling narrative, this tale of survival and self-discovery will transport you to a world where danger lurks at every turn. Prepare to be captivated as Laoni and Redmond’s extraordinary powers ignite a fiery battle for peace, where the stakes are high and the cost of failure is unimaginable.


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About the Author

MARIANNA PALMER is a creative force who has been crafting captivating stories from the depths of her imagination since she first learned to dream. Encouraged by a dare from her sister, she bravely embarked on a journey into the world of writing, which became her sanctuary during years of solitude, personal challenges, and overcoming deep-rooted fears.