Magic. Mayhem. And a little romance!

Sophia is smart, beautiful, talented—and the only woman in a long and powerful lineage of witches with no powers of her own!

Growing up in a town full of supernatural creatures wasn’t easy. The last thing she’d ever do is date a warlock.

Or so she thought…

My Blind Date is a Warlock is a fun, quirky, and clean paranormal romance for all readers! It is the second book in the Love is Blind series, but each book can be read independently.


About the Author

Daphne Bloom is an author of romances and cozy mysteries. She lives in a quaint Southern town with her family that lets her imagination run free. When she’s not watching the latest historical drama on TV, she’s usually curled up with her dog and a good book.

You can learn more about Daphne on her website, Find all Daphne Bloom books here.