Magic. Mayhem. And a little romance!

After a string of bad blind dates goes horribly wrong, Olivia has given up on men. She has plenty to keep her busy in her little—slightly magical—small town, running the most popular bakery and coffee joint around.

But after a tall, dark, and handsome man comes to her rescue, she might just change her mind—until she finds out he’s one of the town’s resident werewolves.

Should Olivia stick to her resolve? Or take one last chance on finding true love?

My Blind Date is a Werewolf is a fun, quirky, and clean paranormal romance for all readers! It is the third book in the Love is Blind series, but each book can be read independently.


About the Author

Daphne Bloom is an author of romances and cozy mysteries. She lives in a quaint Southern town with her family that lets her imagination run free. When she’s not watching the latest historical drama on TV, she’s usually curled up with her dog and a good book.

You can learn more about Daphne on her website, Find all Daphne Bloom books here.